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Trends in the Scientific Applications of High Magnetic Fields There are two broad areas of magnetic field research: research in producing high magnetic fields and research using high magnetic fields. Research in producing high magnetic fields is needed to generate even higher field magnets, because the highest magnetic fields must be produced with resistive magnets that push the stress limits of materials used in magnet construction. Research in producing high magnetic fields has led to improved understanding of metals, superconductors, semiconductors, organic conductors, and magnetic materials.

Historically, the responsibility for instrumentation and beamline construction for neutron sources has rested mainly with the steward. The absence of PRT funding and scientific expertise in an era of constrained agency funding has adversely impacted both instrument development and availability for neutron research. It appears that the current management model for neutron facilities is evolving toward the PRT/FOB (steward-partner) model now used in many of the photon facilities. The current upgrade at LANSCE will include spectrometer development team funding of the construction of several new instruments.

SOURCE: Information supplied to the committee by Jack Rush, NIST CNR, on May 4, 1999. Trends in the Neutron Source User Community During the 1990s, the neutron user community in the United States grew both in absolute numbers and in the diversity of scientific disciplines. S. source of cold neutrons, is a good predictor of the growth profile for the user community as a whole. 2, at NIST the number of participants grew from 265 (including 60 students) in 1990 to 850 (including 270 students) in 1998—an overall increase of 220%.

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3D magnetic field computation of a permanent magnet disc-type generator using scalar potential method by Yuejin Z., Guodong X.

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