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It is suggested in the conclusion, by analogy with Heidegger’s argument about the subject’s thinking of another person’s death, that Guibert’s concern for his great-aunts’ ageing is inauthentic, a screen for meditating on the prospect of his own encounter with the process. 56 A common theme in this discussion of my choice of material is that of neglect. Even in the case of major, established, writers such 55 One of the main exceptions being Ursula Tidd’s important study, the relevant parts of which are addressed in Chapter Five, below, Simone de Beauvoir: Gender and Testimony (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1999).

63), birth – ‘cette crise’ (I, p. 68). ’ (II, p. 148). 52 She then moves on to characterize the subjective experience of the older woman in terms of a feeling of depersonalization: Un des traits les plus accusés chez la femme vieillissante, c’est un sentiment de dépersonnalisation qui lui fait perdre tous repères objectifs […] ce n’est pas moi cette vieille femme dont le miroir renvoie le reflet. 53 Beauvoir is suggesting here that ageing, for women, necessarily involves alienation, a defensive splitting of the self into the ageless inner me and the ravaged outer shell.

La Vieillesse bears a close resemblance to Le Deuxième Sexe in crude structural terms. Both works are divided into two parts: the ‘view from the outside’ followed by the ‘view from the inside’. 5 The second part is said here to describe ‘du point de vue des femmes le monde tel qu’il leur est proposé’. In the Preamble to La Vieillesse, Beauvoir announces what appears to be an almost identical approach: Pour autrui, le vieillard est l’objet d’un savoir; pour soi, il a de son état une expérience vécue.

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