A Closer Look at Bacteria, Algae, and Protozoa (Introduction - download pdf or read online

By Sherman Hollar

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ISBN-13: 9781615305841

Micro organism, algae, and protozoamicroorganisms which are simply missed in our day-by-day livescan be present in a large choice of destinations and serve innumerable ecological reasons. whereas a few such organisms were linked to sickness, they've got additionally been beneficial in agriculture and within the construction of convinced meals, medicinal drugs, and different prerequisites. This informative quantity examines the houses and makes use of of those robust and crucial existence types. photograph organizers and particular photos convey the miniscule information of those entities to the vanguard.

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Fredrik Ehrenstrom/ Oxford Scientific Films sexual reproduction. The spores and gametes produced, respectively, have two flagella of unequal length. The phaeophytes are an important source of algin, a substance used in food processing and other industries. Certain species of brown algae are also used as fertilizer, and several, such as species of Laminaria, are eaten as a vegetable in Asia. 56 feAtures And tyPes of AlgAe The Sargasso Sea A free-floating meadow of seaweed almost as large as a continent lies between the United States and Africa in the North Atlantic Ocean.

40 the ImPortAnce, dAngers, And uses of BActerIA sulfur and other inorganic substances and get carbon from carbon dioxide in the air. Sugars, amino acids, and vitamins are used for some heterotrophs. Blood may be added to cultures used to grow some pathogenic species. The identification of bacteria can be difficult and traditionally requires application of numerous Bacteria that produce color include Serratia marcescens, from a dirty utensil. W. Rakosy/EB Inc. 41 A closer look At BActerIA, AlgAe, And ProtozoA criteria, including microscopic observations of the size, shape, and appearance of the bacteria after they have been stained.

When E. coli is consumed in contaminated water, milk, or food or is transmitted through the bite of a fly or other insect, it can cause gastrointestinal illness. Mutations can lead to strains that cause 30 the ImPortAnce, dAngers, And uses of BActerIA diarrhea by giving off toxins, invading the intestinal lining, or sticking to the intestinal wall. Therapy for gastrointestinal illness consists largely of fluid replacement, though specific drugs are effective in some cases. The illness is usually self-limiting, with no evidence of long-lasting effects.

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