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By Bobby J. Ward

ISBN-10: 0585348499

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ISBN-10: 0881924695

ISBN-13: 9780881924695

An pleasing survey of eighty plant genera, with a mess of references to, and extracts from, delusion and literature through the a long time. This pleasant ebook will encourage you to examine your individual backyard in a brand new mild, in line with what William Blake or the traditional Romans stated approximately them.

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And the fourth theme is the use of flowers in poetic associations. This last category I further divide into the more specific themes of fairy tales and superstitions, love and relationships, observations of nature, and the language of flowers. The language of flowers has an intriguing history in itself. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, wife of the British ambassador in Constantinople, is credited with initiating the language of flowers in western Europe. " Lady Mary explained the meaning of the pieces she included: roses, jonquils, cloves, straw, and miscellaneous nonbotanical items.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow "Flowers,"1839 Page 3 A Contemplation Upon Flowers Garden Plants in Myth and Literature Bobby J. Ward Foreword by Ann Lovejoy Page 4 Copyright © 1999 by Bobby J. Ward. All rights reserved. Published in 1999 by Timber Press, Inc. W. A. Designed by Susan Applegate Printed in Hong Kong Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Ward, Bobby J.  Ward.  cm. Includes bibliographical references and index.  Title.  DICKS Compeer in both my literary and literal gardens Page 7 Contents Foreword By Ann Lovejoy 9 Acknowledgments 13 Introduction 15 Acanthus 27 Aconite 31 Adonis, Anemone & Pulsatilla 35 Amaryllis 42 Arum 45 Asphodel 49 Aster 53 Begonia 57 Bellflower 60 Broom 66 Buttercup 70 Camellia 77 Carnation 80 Clematis 85 Cockscomb 89 Colchicum 90 Columbine 93 Cornflower 97 Crape Myrtle 100 Crocus 102 Cyclamen 108 Daffodil 113 Dahlia 117 Daisy 121 Daylily 129 Euphorbia 131 Evening Primrose 134 Fern 138 Forget-Me-Not 142 Forsythia 146 Foxglove 147 Fritillary 153 Gentian 157 Geranium & Pelargonium 162 Gladiolus 167 Page 8 Guernsey Lily 170 Heath & Heather 173 Hellebore 180 Hepatica 186 Hibiscus 189 Holly 192 Hollyhock 198 Honeysuckle 202 Hyacinth 208 Iris 215 Ivy 221 Jasmine 228 Laurel & Daphne 231 Lilac 237 Lily 243 Lily of the Valley 250 Lychnis 255 Marigold 259 Marsh Mallow 264 Morning Glory & Bindweed 268 Nasturtium 272 Orchid 275 Peony 279 Periwinkle 285 Phlox 289 Pimpernel 292 Poppy 296 Primrose 301 Queen Anne's Lace 306 Rhododendron & Azalea 307 Rose 311 St.

I do not know the identity of the plant that contained the "starry blossoms," but his description suggests several possibilities. For most of the citations I relied on traditional and conventional bibliographic resources. However, one resource unavailable until the 1990s was both a time-saver and revelation: the Internet. Through the on-line searching of numerous literary databases it is possible, for example, to go to a site on the World Wide Web and read the Chanson de Roland in both medieval French and English.

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