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What, if whatever, is legitimate in Marx's paintings at the present time, following the occasions of 1989 and after in japanese Europe? the second one version of this very popular severe stumble upon with historic materialism and different significant views in social suggestion, indicates how a severe thought of the complex societies can nonetheless draw on marxism - if in simple terms sparingly - and continues to be an endeavour of basic significance within the social sciences this day.

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The suspension of diplomatic relations with Arab states, and the expulsion of the PLO representatives from Egypt, underlined and dramatised Sadat's determination to achieve peace, despite the costs to Egypt as a leader of the Arab world. The impact that Sadat's visit had on Israelis was unmistakable. In fact, such is the significance of the visit to the formation of the peace movement that it warrants fuH quotation from the works ofthose who have studied its impact in depth: ... by going to Jerusalem, in what was to be the biggest media event of the century, when hundreds of millions of vi ewers saw on their television screens Sadat shaking hands with his former enemy, while thousands of Israeli school children waved the fiags of both countries and as the Israeli army band played the two national anthems, he [Sadat] gave the Israelis a taste of peace which thirty years of warfare and praetorian statehood had denied them until then.

1967-87 lands of their residence. They opposed the Zionists' claim that the lews were strangers everywhere but in Palestine and insisted that the establishment of a lewish state would perpetuate the conflict between Jews and Arabs. 2 The Bund, as an organisation, came to an end with the extermination of Polish Jewry but their key ideas lived on - even after the creation of the State of Israel disproved their belief that Zionism was purely utopian. The Bund is mentioned primarily because, as we shall see, there are those in the peace movement today who argue along basic Bund lines: that collaboration with the Jewish bourgeoisie and the religious parties has indeed led to the creation of a capitalist state, where the religious establishment dominates or controls many spheres of life of a secular (or at least non-orthodox) majority.

Even today, Arabs in Israel and the territories regard the contemporary peace movement with scepticism, precisely because they recognise the contradictions that Zionist members of the peace movement still face. On the one hand, they wish to achieve peace with the Arabs, while on the other they are loyal to the Zionist state which the Arabs see as being responsible for their misfortunes and oppression. Bi-nationalism failed large\y because Arab and Jewish nationalists would not respond to proposals wh ich necessitated compromise on both sides.

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