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C S aC S ^ The following relation would thus hold between the intensities spherical waves of one and the same wave-length (and phase) of two such : /! Cor. would : 72 = Oj V26 ( 1 67rV + 1 2 7r 2X2r1 2 + 9X 4 : ) a^( 1 GTT V 4 2 + 127r 2XV22 + 9X 4 ). . ( II. ) we make Il = Iz as in photometric measurements, this proportion , give the following relation between the amplitudes of the two waves If 1. : 2 ttl : a22 = r^lGirV + 127r 2 XV22 + 9X 4 ) : r26 (16irV + 12w a \V1 2 + 9X4 ). If the wave-length X is small in comparison to the distances r-^ and r*2 given sources from the point of observation this would be the case with light-waves the last proportion would assume the familiar form Cor.

Show that the coefficients P= assume the following forms (34) : P = cos a. i = X = 2, (b) Pk of formula PQ== _(l-3cos a), P = l-3cos a, P = cos a. 2 2 2 2 1 and X = /i = Forw = 2, (c) v=0, l, P = 3 sin a cos a cos 6 = = sin 2a cos 0, P= l 7. The - 3 sin 2a cos y particular integral rf 3 -1-5 = cos aar 3 a has the form -TJ-J d3f 0/1 n 3:3+3(1-2 cosset) cos a 92 -=-4 2 r' dr - 3 (3 - 5 cos 2 cos a -? a) By formula (33) 2 rf /" 1 . *3 r P2 = ^1 sin 2a cos 0. 0, ^+ 3(3 - 5 cos 2a) cos a - /. *d_( "*" r dr\r* dr r*drr dx\r* dr* r*J r dr \r d*f_3 r ^ 2 4 5 \r* dr* df + 3/\ rfr r5 / + (I3

V A a; = Y=a * Of. also Maxwell (second edition). : Electricity . and sm = flu//M n cos \ evident from these expressions for (l)for ^JTT A 27r 27r -r- . sin -r- vt . A x U Y and t c ^/7T -r- A , x dt 27T . -vtsm. , and c = 0, and Magnetic 790-791, vol. , pp. 339-401 ELECTROMAGNETIC THEORY OF LIGHT. , 4 4 7=0 and c = 0, the magnetic or the amplitude of the electric oscillation vanishes, as a trough from rest oscillation is passing through its (initial) position of to a crest (cf. the annexed figures).

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