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Since then, it has flown missions in Grenada, Panama, Bosnia, Somalia, Iraq (including Operation Desert Storm), and Afghanistan. The United States relies more and more on special operations missions, where close air support is critical. The AC-130 continues to play an important role on the modern battlefield. 29 ALLIED FORCES Nations that are allied, or joined, in a fight against a common enemy. GPS (GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM) A system of orbiting satellites that transmits information to GPS receivers on Earth.

Using information from the satellites, receivers can calculate location, speed, and direction with great accuracy. INFANTRY Soldiers who move and fight mainly on foot. NAUTICAL MILE A standard way to measure distance, especially when traveling in an aircraft or ship. It is based on the circumference of the Earth, the distance around the equator. This large circle is divided into 360 degrees. ” A single minute of arc around the Earth is one nautical mile. 30 OPERATION DESERT STORM Also known as the Persian Gulf War (or simply the Gulf War).

VIETNAM WAR A conflict between the countries of North Vietnam and South Vietnam from 1955–1975. Communist North Vietnam was supported by China and the Soviet Union. The United States entered the war on the side of South Vietnam. S.

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