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Cohesive energy density (CED, Eq. 1)) can be used to interpret diffusion bonding, as defined by Eq. 2). Bond strength is maximized when solubility parameters are matched between the adhesive and the adherend. 2) Ecoh is the amount of energy required to separate the molecules to an infinite distance, V is the molar volume, and d is the solubility parameter. A relevant example is the adhesion of polyethylene and polypropylene to a butyl rubber. The adhesive bond is weak when two polymers are bonded at temperatures below the melting point of the polyolefin.

14) Fractional polarity can be defined for both solid and liquid phases based on Eqs. 14). Water and methylene iodide are two liquids that are used for the determination of the components of surface tension of solid polymers by measuring contact angles. 7 gives the values of the components of their surface tension. 8 Critical Surface Tension Fox and Zisman [4,16,17] first proposed the concept of critical surface tension in the early 1950s. In Zisman’s method, the relationship between the contact angle of various liquids on a solid and the surface tension of the liquids are investigated.

75: 642, 1971. 1 General Considerations As adhesive bonding is a surface phenomenon, preparation of the contact surface is vital for strong bond formation. Surface preparation (or surface pretreatment) is carried out to render adherend surfaces receptive to the development of strong, durable adhesive joints. It is desirable to expose the adherend surface directly to the adhesive, with no intervening layer of oxide film, paint, chromate coating, chromate-free coating, phosphate coating, or silicone release agent.

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