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By Koichi Tohei

ISBN-10: 028550195X

ISBN-13: 9780285501959

Aikido is in strict accord with the legislation of nature and provides a striking co-ordination of psychological and actual states. each move calls for consistent perform and ideal co-ordination. This publication explains intimately Aikidos guiding spirit and the fifty easy recommendations.

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Not diSSIpate them as when you are trying to think about something to your right as "'ell as (0 your left. or studying while you are thinking about playing. If you do this, the mind waves will be unable to create any kind of strength. The mind must be concentrated instantaneously on problems directly ltS they arise. and yet must not cling to them. A mirror renects an image instantly, but if the objeci that it is renecting is taken away. no Image remains. If the previous image were to remain. the mirror could not renect a second object clearly.

JuJo. Kf'ndo. bayonel arlS. he look up and studied at every opportunily. I-Ie wandered from place to place seeking teachers, and spent his inheritance in this way. During his training period. he showed the utmost courtesy to his teachers. even preparing food for them. Once training started. he devoted himself completely to his task. In his adolescence, he was only five feel one inch lall yet weighed 165 pounds. His formerly \\eal.. body became as strong as Iron. His undeviating determination was to devote himself to training so Ihal he could Iflumph over all others.

Anybody may climb this mountain without losing his way and may enjoy the same thrill he enjoyed. If a trail·blazer had not shown the way to the summit. one who cIImc later nOI only would be unable to climb the mountain but would be unable 10 judge whether or not the way he was walking was right or wrong. Who would nOI e:tpress his gratitude for what this lrail·blazer had done? We feel the same gratilude to one who blazes a trial for our lives. Man}' people worship Jesus Christ and Olhers believe in Buddha, because they enjoy the benevolenl influence of these great teachers.

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