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By Der-Tsai Lee, Majid Sarrafzadeh

ISBN-10: 981021488X

ISBN-13: 9789810214883

Discussing algorithmic elements of VLSI format, this article comprises insurance of: matters in timing pushed structure; LP formula of worldwide routeing and location; Stockmeyer's floorplan optimization approach; the big apple and knock-knee routeing modes; and parallel algorithms for placement

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2 Conclusions on This Chapter 21 Regarding the MOP, some comments have been made about the capacity to reach a different level of interpretability on objective functions. In the MOOD approach there is no need to built a complicated aggregated function to merge the design objectives; therefore the objectives may be minded separately and optimized simultaneously. That is, the objective function statement could be done from the needs of the designer instead of the optimizer. This could facilitate the embedment of the designer in the overall procedure.

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