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Examining POLITICS is a complete exam of the sphere of political technological know-how. Taking a comparative strategy, it examines a number of subfields of political technology, together with tools, political concept, comparative politics, diplomacy, and U.S. politics. Exhaustive in its assurance of the cloth, examining POLITICS employs an intensive selection of packing containers, tables, charts, graphs, pictures, and cartoons to carry the reader's awareness.

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Spain had an authoritarian government, headed by Francisco Franco, from 1939 to 1975. Since 1975, Spain has democratized its society, replacing the previous dictatorship with POLITICAL SCIENCE AND SCIENTIFIC METHODS 23 political parties and elections. What makes such an astounding transition possible? 39 A case study of Spain alone cannot, however, determine how many of these factors are also associated with democratization in other countries at other times and how many are unique to Spain’s democratization.

This makes a science of democracy more tentative than sciences of matter, which can be studied under laboratory conditions. A similar problem of limited repeatability plagues political science studies that attempt to make precise predictions of political outcomes. For example, political scientists have struggled for years to develop a means of predicting the winners of presidential elections. Some have looked for correlations with economic indicators; others have labored over public opinion polls searching for the key variable that would allow us to know ahead of time who would be the next president.

Will science be corrupted by bias if it is not value free? How relevant is political science? What are other sources of knowledge about politics? The questions are difficult ones, and political scientists often disagree on how best to answer them. 20 It seems that the historical debates refuse to die, as we will see as we examine the preceding questions in greater detail. 21 Scientists search for ways to identify, define, analyze, clarify, and understand the world. 22 Each of these pursuits—science, spirituality, religion, art, and philosophy—may be conceptualized as ways of coming up with names and categories for what is considered to be real.

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