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Migration is without doubt one of the such a lot attention-grabbing and dramatic of all animal behaviors. From bugs and birds to reindeer and massive whales, many animals fly, swim, stroll, or even hitchhike looking for higher nutrition, milder weather, or compatible mate. a few go complete oceans; a number of even circle the globe. those marathon trips animals take are packed with nice checks of actual power and endurance--as good as hazard and occasionally dying. In Animal Migration, research why animals are pressured emigrate and a number of the styles and cycles in their migrations.

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The males grow fangs and hooked noses, which they use in battles with other males over mates. They may continue this upstream movement for as many as 2,000 miles (3,300 km), through large rivers, winding streams, and narrow creeks, to the place where they once started life as eggs buried in gravel. How do they know where it is? They have been there only once, as many as seven years ago. Though salmon navigation is still somewhat of a mystery, researchers know some of the tools they use to fi nd their way.

They formed a solid column of animals 30 miles (42 km) across and 50 miles (81 km) long. 3 million kob, tiang, and gazelle in their survey area alone. 48 AnimAl migrAtion the herds will begin to complete their trip, moving southward. Sometimes a line of moving animals can be 1,000 miles (1,600 km) long. No one wildebeest leads the herd in this migration. They may follow each other, but who travels at the front can change from day to day, or moment to moment. When a predator, such as a lion, scatters the herd, a new animal may take the lead.

When the rains come, it shifts from barren to fertile. From a towering black cloud, a raindrop falls on the dry Serengeti plains. Within seconds, torrents of rain shower the land. Within a day or two, the dusty ground and withered plants transform into vibrant grasslands. Each year, nearly two million animals follow a roughly clockwise path within the Serengeti. More than one million wildebeest, together with 500,000 zebras and Thomson’s gazelles, migrate as many as 2,000 miles (3,000 km) in search of fresh grass.

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