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This is often an strange booklet, combining because it does papers on astrobiology, heritage of astronomy and sundials, but―after all―Woody Sullivan is an strange guy. In overdue 2003 I spent fruitful and stress-free months within the Astronomy division on the college of Washington (UW) engaged on archival fabric amassed over the many years via Woody, for a ebook we'll co-author with Jessica Chapman at the early improvement of Australian astronomy. the one severe highbrow distraction I confronted in this interval used to be making plans for an IAU colloquium on transits of Venus scheduled for June 2004 in England, the place i used to be all the way down to current the ‘Cook’ paper. I knew Woody was once additionally attracted to transits (and, certainly, something remotely attached with shadows―see his paper on web page 3), and in discussing the Preston assembly with him it transpired that his sixtieth birthday was once timed to happen only one week later. This was once the place the seed of ‘Woodfest’ started to germinate. Why now not invite acquaintances and co-workers to hitch Woody in Seattle and have a good time this proud occasion? I positioned the assumption to Woody and others at UW, they beloved it, and ‘Woodfest’ used to be born.

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34 Christopher Chyba So I think these arguments for contingency need to be applied with great care. As a final example, note that in his paper Wetherill looks at a number of other scenarios including one in which Jupiter and Saturn form more or less as they are, but the mass distribution in the nebula is such that Uranus and Neptune grow to be the size of Saturn. That is, the system looks more or less like ours, but there are another two Saturns out there. And in that kind of solar system, because of the now Saturnian-size Neptune and Uranus, there is essentially no cometary flux that the Earth experiences at the present time—so here is another type of solar system where the cometary flux is reduced to near zero.

Cambridge, MIT Press. , 1974. The origin of life in a cosmic context. Origins of Life and Evolution of the Biosphere, 5, 497-505. , 1964. The nonprevalence of humanoids. Science, 143, 769-775. , 2002. Where Is Everybody? New York, Copernicus. , 1994. Possible consequences of absence of Jupiters in planetary systems. Astrophysics and Space Science, 212, 23-32. HISTORY OF ASTRONOMY GROTE REBER (1911-2002): A Radio Astronomy Pioneer K. I. edu) Abstract: A forceful personality and self-confidence led Grote Reber to a series of remarkable discoveries in radio astronomy, and later to a wide variety of research in many other fields of science and technology.

7 billion light years in extent, and full of galaxies, as graphically captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. And size has not been the most important change in our ideas about the universe over the last century. We now detect not only the expanding universe, but also the accelerating universe; we also know about space-time, inflationary cosmology, and dark energy. But arguably no concept has been The Biological Universe Revisited 17 so radical as cosmic evolution, which encompasses all these new concepts, and in fact embraces all we know about the universe.

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