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By Thomas C. Rowley

ISBN-10: 0936200359

ISBN-13: 9780936200354

ISBN-10: 392168286X

ISBN-13: 9783921682869

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Change the size of the player. 1~42 POKE 53256,3 2 = normal size, 1 = double width, 3 = quadruple width 4. Change the Data in line 1200 for a different shape. Note, each player is 8-bits wide, and each line of the player can be represented by a decimal number from 0 to 255. 3 128 Player 64 32 8 16 4 2 Data of 92 will turn on these segments of a line in the player. 5. Write the word "PLAYER" vertically on the screen by changing the numbers in the DATA statements. 6. Refer to the Appendices and add another player.

Parts of a character are turned either ON or OFF depending on the number POKEd into the memory address representing that character. After the character set has been modified, change the character set pointer by POKE 756,MEMEND in line 28700. A graphics command or the SYSTEM RESET key will change the pointer back, and return the characters to their original state. Before executing the routine a second time you must press SYSTEM RESET or POKE 106, MEMEND+4. This new character set (font), can be used in a running program or in the immediate mode.

280~5 REM CONTROL -a,o,u,s PRODUCES 28~~6 REM GERMAN UMLAUT a,o,u &ss 28007 DIM B$(80) 28~1~ POKE 756,224 • • 28~4~ MEMEND=PEEK(1~6)-4:CHSET-MEMEND:256 • • 5~~ 51~ POKE 1~6,MEMEND-1 :GRAPHICS 0 REM READ MACHINE LANGUAGE COPY 28~7~ FOR X=1 TO 32 28~75 READ A:B$(X,X)=CHR$(A) 28~8~ NEXT X 28~82 DATA 1~4,1~4,133,213,1~4,133,212 28~83 DATA 1~4,133,215,1~4,133,214,162 28~84 DATA 4,16~,~,177,212,145,214 28~85 DATA 2~~,2~8,249,23~,213,230,215 28~86 DATA 2~2, 2~8, 24~, 96 . 28~88 REM COpy CHARACTER SET 28~9~ I=USR(ADR(B$) ,224*256,CHSET) 281~5 REM MODIFY CHARACTERS 28110 FOR X=1 TO 4 2812~ READ CHAR:N=CHSET+CHR*8 2813~ FOR I=~ TO 7:READ T:POKE N+J,T:NEXT I 2814~ NEXT X 2860~ DATA 79,~,1~2,~,6~,102,102,6~,~ 28610 DATA 85,~,1~2,~,1~2,1~2,1~2,62,~ 2862~ DATA 65,1~8,~,6~,6,62,1~8,62,~ 28630 DATA 83,~,6~,1~2,124,1~2,1~2,124,224 287~~ POKE MEMEND-1,~ : POKE 756,MEMEND 29~~~ RETURN 2806~ 28~65 33 o • • u In line 28060 four pages of memory are reserved for a new character set.

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