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By Martin Vömel, Dieter Zastrow

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ISBN-13: 9783528038229

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55 121 McWilliams, C. , San Diego, 1995 122 Oschman, J. , Edinburgh, UK, 2000 and Oschman, J. “Exploring the Biology of Phototherapy,” J. of Optometric Phototherapy, April, 2001 123 See “Light Therapy Applications” extensive report by Prof. Enwemeka, NY Inst. of Technology, 2003, Dynatronics, Salt Lake City, UT 60 Chapter 4. Biological Effects of PEMFs Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) are also found to be a powerful improvement to smooth, sinusoidal EMF waves, if it is accepted that higher endogenous field strengths (up to a limit) are desirable to induce therapeutic changes.

It also means that the reception is clear and the volume is the same, no matter what frequency you pick within, in this case, the complete optical spectrum from red to violet (300 nm to 800 nm). In order for the mean probability f(Ȝ) of photon energy hȞ to equal a constant value of 10-19 (a constant broadcasting volume level) the intensity IȜ has to decrease with Ȝ in direct proportion to the increase of Ȝ5 with wavelength Ȝ. It does so and the frequencyindependent biophoton emissions are up to 1040 times those of thermal equilibrium and more potent than enzymes.

92 Healthy cells, according to another Nobel prize winner, Otto Warburg, have cell TMP voltages of 70 to 100 millivolts. Due to the constant stresses of modern life and a toxic environment, cell voltage tends to drop as we age or get sick. As the voltage drops, the cell is unable to maintain a healthy environment for itself. If the electrical charge of a cell drops to 50, a person may experience chronic fatigue. If the voltage drops to 15, the cell often can be cancerous. Dr. 93 Multiple Interactions with EMF Some mechanisms for the interaction with EMFs are shown in the Adaptability Chart in this chapter.

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