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By Anne Osterlund

ISBN-10: 0142405795

ISBN-13: 9780142405796

A magnificent debut, equivalent elements advertisement charm and literary prowess. Princess Aurelia is subsequent in line to rule the dominion of Tyralt, yet she might otherwise be one of many universal folks, unfastened to profit and roam and . . . no longer marry the subsequent tyrannical prince that comes dating. obviously, the king wishes Aurelia to marry for political energy. Aurelia desires to marry for romance. And somebody within the state desires her . . . lifeless. Assigned to enquire and safeguard Aurelia is Robert, the son of the king’s former royal undercover agent and one among Aurelia’s oldest neighbors. As Aurelia and Robert slowly discover clues as to who's threatening her, their friendship turns to romance. With every little thing attainable at the line—her existence, her country, her heart—Aurelia is compelled to take concerns into her personal palms, irrespective of the fee.

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Robert had noted the height, approximate weight, and style of the carriage. At the pace it had been traveling, it was plenty large enough to overrun another vehicle on the road. He might trace the carriage or the carriage maker, but robert had seen no crest or distinguishing features. He hoped if he spotted the exact vehicle, he could identify it. still, he doubted the carriage was the best place to focus his attention. He should have far better luck tracing the horses. six black. robert had spent the past four years working with horses on the farm.

Robert reworded his earlier question. " drew wrapped the reins around his hand and released them, handing them to robert. " The horseman rubbed Horizon's cheekbone. "but I can see it'll have to wait till later. The lass wanted to be shut of you, my boy. I shouldn't send you after her. On the other hand, I've chased my share of girls, and I reckon miss Aurelia could do with a little chasing before she has to settle down for the good of the kingdom. she might have gone down to the docks. " robert led the stallion out of the tent, and the horseman followed.

The lure of the water pulled like a hook lodged in the tissue of her chest. Her steps quickened, and she lifted her head. Away. she must get away from the suffocation of her life, the pressure to marry, and the people she could not rely upon. every time she thought she could trust someone-Aurelia brushed back the thought and the hurt that came with it. she must escape. robert wanted to leap after her, tell her she was not going to win by leaving. but the truth bound him in the alley. Clearly, she knew he had been keeping information from her, and whatever she knew was a long way from the whole truth.

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