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Make sure that the cassette/condenser assembly is fully home in the distributor body, then refit the rotor arm and distributor cap. 7. A new cassette has the contacts preset during manufact ure and is fitted without further adjustment , although the static or dynamic ignition timing should be checked and adjusted if necessary afterwards. Condenser The condenser is mounted externally on the distributor body and is connected across the contact breaker points. It serves to increase the electrical current peak in the primary windings of the ignition coil when the points are open.

Refit the radiator, refill and bleed the cooling system as detailed in the COOLING SYSTEM chapter. Rear Oil Seal - Replacement 1. Remove the gearbox and clutch as detailed in the CLUTCH & GEARBOX chapter. On automatic transmission models, remove the transmission as detailed in the AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION chapter. 2. Lock the crankshaft to prevent it turning when undoing the flywheel or driveplate bolts, either by making up a locking tool similar to that shown in Fig. C:24 or by jamming a screwdriver between the ring gear teeth and the engine block flange .

6. 7. 8. 9. Engine turns slowly but will not start Engine backfires inhibitor switch. Starter solenoid faulty. Starter pinion not engaging. Slarter pinion/ring gear teeth damaged. Starter motor faulty. Starter solenoid co nnections loose. Faulty starter/ignition switch. 3. ,. Check charging system and charge battery. Fit new banery. Clean and tighten battery terminals. Rock car in gear (Manual). Remove Slarter and free pinion (Automatic). Establish cause of seized engine and rectify. I. Reconnect or tighten earth.

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