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By Adámek J., Trnková V.

Monograph( dependent very principally upon effects unique to the Czechoslovakian authors) offers an summary account of the idea of automata for classy readers presumed to be already acquainted with the language of classification thought. The seven chapters are punctuated at widespread durations via examples and workouts. The writing is obvious, and the typographic layout pleasant. but such a lot readers no longer already professional within the box will locate this to be tough going.

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Ideal prime) If A is a reduced Let S be an R-submodule is a proper over A. ideal of R. % R/M. ideal M, then AM i s AM contains R-module, every reg- then AM is the only ring. of Q containing R. and AS/S is a divisible subring of Q containing over R, ideal of A if and only ring w i t h maximal of A and A / ~ A ~R Q we have AS = A + S; generated generated prime) ideal of A and A is a quasi-local (7) S. (resp. (resp. If R is a quasi-local r_egular maximal ule. is also a finitely If every regular ideal of R is finitely then every regular maximal A-module Then in R-module.

M n be distinct shown that T = Z @ T~. a It is obvious that T a is uniquely k .. Mnn) - we see that x = 0. , Hence we have R - Ma, and hence (T~)M~ = o. (Ta)Ma Z T a. Thus T M ~ Z~ by the elements On the other hand, of if 8 ~ a, we have (T~)M : ( T ~ ) M ~ T~. 2. divisible a Let R be a 1-dimensional Cohen-Macaulay ring. Then hdRQ = I. Proof. Case I. R is a local Let b be a regular J = [bn]. Noetherian rank 0 and is a m a x i m a l ideals ideal of R j . Since R c R j Let F be a Tree R-module define an R-eplmorphism Case II.

2, and we shall prove submodule R-homomorphism Case. Let D be a divisible sion, that f is a well-defined ideals of R. 2 we saw that the full ring of quo- tients of RM~ is a homomorphic divisible free. R-module. 4. w i t h n o nilpotent module Q ~ RP1 @ elements ... ~ other than zero. ,Pt have 0 = P1 0 and therefore Let R be a 1-dimensional of every divisible Proof. of Q, and thus TMa is an h- and thus Q is a semi-simple an immediate consequence Remarks. study divisible no nonzero Corollary modules nilpotent when R is a local D = t(D) @ D/t(D).

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