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Collector Layer The collector layer has a major influence on both high-frequency parameters fT and fmax . From Eq. 5 the delay time associated with the collector is: τ = τc + Cbc (RE + RC + Rje ) The first parameter τc describes the time electrons need to travel through the collector. The second term is the charging time constant of the base collector capacitance Cbc . The resistances RE and RC reside outside the internal HBT and are determined by the metalsemiconductor contacts, the subcollector layer resistance and the resistance of the external wiring.

8, a coplanar waveguide consists of three conductors: one signal strip in the center and two ground conductors. The CPW technology is used, because it does not need a backside metallization, which is required for microstrip lines, and reduces the processing efforts. The ground-to-ground spacing (d) of the coplanar lines in this work is 50 μm. By varying the width of the center conductor (w) the impedance of the transmission line can be adjusted. Formulas describing the impedance level are given in [42].

4. 25: Schematic of HBT layout (top view). and lateral dimension, process parameters like contact resistances and undercut etching can have a major impact on the results. In conclusion, the data from literature can give guidelines but not accurate numbers for the geometrical layout of InP DHBTs optimized for highest speed. Therefore, an analysis of devices with varying lateral dimensions was conducted. The epitaxial layer structure in this investigation is the optimized layer structure discussed in the previous Section (Fig.

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