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By David Weber

ISBN-10: 142994983X

ISBN-13: 9781429949835

Hell's Foundations Quiver: the most up-to-date novel in David Weber's New York Times-bestselling Safehold sequence all started with Off Armageddon Reef, By Schism hire Asunder, By Heresies Distressed, A effective castle and Like a effective Army.


Centuries in the past, the human race fought its first nice conflict opposed to an alien race-and misplaced. A tiny inhabitants of humans fled to far away Safehold. Centuries later, their descendants have forgotten their historical past; for them, existence has been an everlasting center a while, governed via the Church of God looking forward to, whose mystery function is to avoid the re-emergence of business civilization.

But no longer all of Safehold's founders have been on board with this plan. these dissidents left at the back of their very own mystery legacies. a type of is Merlyn Athrawes, cybernetic avatar of 1 of Earth's long-dead defenders, now reawakened after a thousand years to restart human development and reclaim our position within the universe. Merlyn has intervened within the small Safeholdian realm of Charis, seeding it with rules and concepts and supporting it to upward push to problem the hegemony of the Church.

It's been a protracted and bloody struggle, yet aided through a movement of inventions—breech-loading rifles, sign rockets, claymore mines, new methods to production and supply-Charis and its few allies appear to have ultimately received the higher hand. Now significant nation-states have all started to contemplate switching sides.

To a lot of these ends, Merlyn Athrawes has been all over the place, less than a number of disguises and wielding hidden powers. the key of who and what he's has been heavily held. yet a brand new participant has arrived, person who is familiar with many secrets-including Merlyn's own.

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