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By Carol Marinelli

ISBN-10: 0263841375

ISBN-13: 9780263841374

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His voice was the softest she'd heard it that day. ' he asked, watching as her forehead puckered into a tiny frown and, as much as it galled Mia to admit it, even to herself, Ethan had a point. The toast she'd listlessly made this morning had been thrown into the bin uneaten and she hadn't even thought about lunch as she'd driven into Cairns for the funeral, her mind too full of the events ahead to even contemplate eating. ' 'Which were still sitting in their Cellophane when we left,' Ethan pointed out.

Thank God,' Ethan muttered, flashing a malevolent smile, just to show he was still in control. ' Mia nodded, not trusting herself to speak. Ethan leaving was the last thing she wanted, but it was safer, so very much safer this way. ' She stared at him nonplussed, simultaneously kicking herself as she realized she'd fallen directly into his trap. 'I thought as much,' Ethan said with a note of triumph. 'There's not exactly a queue of concerned visitors outside, waiting to drive you home. ' She could feel the sweat beading on her forehead, feel its icy rivers trickling between her breasts, her pale cheeks flushing as Ethan's eyes bored into her, running a tongue over impossibly dry lips as she carefully chose her words.

Ethan shrugged. 'Perhaps,' Mia conceded, but her stance stayed strong. 'But what about the women, Ethan? ' 'I'm not into one-night stands,' Ethan clipped. ' 'Not much,' Mia sneered. ' Ethan shrugged. ‘I don't lie, Mia. ' Her lips were set in a taut line, her breasts rising and falling as if they had a life of their own as the unleashed fury that had held her together for seven years ripped out of control. 'Well, here's one woman that regrets it, Ethan. ' One finger slowly razored her cheek, working its way past her ear, down the hollows of her neck till it met the flickering pulse in her neck.

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