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We came up with four important questions. The first of these is as follows: According to Dr. "1 Now our question is: Has there ever been, or could there ever be, a case where these ideal conditions exist in history? In other words, is this more than just a theoretical consideration? Dr. Tillich: I agree with you that it’s an essentialist consideration. I mean, this is in the structure of essential truth or the essential structure of things as they are created, and theoretically should therefore be a right description.

We have many examples of the self-sacrifice of Communists and other extremists, for what is to them an ultimate concern. And we have examples of selfcriticism within the party. Their confessions, for instance, may seem a travesty of justice in our eyes, but they do represent a form of self-criticism and sacrifice. Student: But does that really have any effect on Communism? It doesn’t seem to have any effect, whereas the self-criticism within Christianity over the centuries has had some profound effects.

Student: You are saying that within the Communist party, there is no criticism of the basic structure of the party itself. Would you also say that there is no criticism of the results of the manipulations of this party — the handling of agriculture and national affairs? Dr. Tillich: On the contrary, there is continuous criticism. Leaders are being dismissed every day, if you read your New York Times. The American Way of Life Student: We shall proceed now to another question which relates to the very end of the meeting a week ago in which Dr.

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