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Agent A4 is now left with no valid value to assign and sends a Nogood message to A3 that includes all its conflicts. 2. Note that the Nogood message is no longer valid. Agent A4 , however, assumes that A3 will change its position and moves to its only valid position (with A3 ’s anticipated move) - square 3. Fig. 3. Cycle 6 of ABT for 4-Q Fig. 4. Cycles 7-8 of ABT 4-Q 42 5 Asynchronous Backtracking (ABT) Consider now cycle 6. Agent A4 receives the new assignment of agent A3 and sends it a Nogood message.

According to [36], only algorithms which enforce a strong enough method of local consistency (include the costs of constraints between pairs of unassigned variables in their lookahead computation of bounds) produce this phenomena. This behavior was reported for the BnB variation that enforces AC as well as the BnB variation that enforces AC*. It is important to mention that BnB that enforces only NC does not produce this behavior (as was mentioned above for the figure). 2. 4 Distributed Search Distributed constraint satisfaction problems (DisCSPs) are composed of agents, each holding its local constraints network, that are connected by constraints among variables of different agents.

1 Branch and Bound (BnB) Branch and Bound (BnB) is the basic COP solver, similarly to the backtracking algorithm - the basic CSP solver - it can be extended into more sophisticated algorithms. 1, and is based on the pseudo-code given in [36]. X is the set of all variables, D is the set of all domains, C is the set of all constraints, P A(t) is the current partial assignment, LB is the lower bound, and U B is the upper bound. 1 Branch and Bound (BnB) 21 call to the function BranchAndBound the parameter LB is set to zero and UB is set to infinity.

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