USS Enterprise in Detail & Scale, CVAN-65 to CNV-65 - download pdf or read online

By Bert Kinzey

ISBN-10: 0890241732

ISBN-13: 9780890241738

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Vo Energy gain by electron transfer G2 metal HfO2 Semiconductor (Si) Reaction with Si sub. 12) which is the same as in the case of p+poly-Si gates described in the previous section. According to Fig. e. G 1 –G 2 = 0). This means that the FLP positions of p-metal gates are the same as that of the p+poly-Si gate irrespective of metal species. In fact, observed EWFs of p-metals are almost independent of metal species, as shown by the C–V curves in Fig. 35. It is better to note that the Vo -related mechanism is not the total cause of the Vfb shift.

Taking into account the effect of SiO, coupled diffusion equations that include normal thermal B diffusion and SiO-assisted B diffusion can readily be constructed (Uematsu et al. 2004). As shown in Fig. 11, numerical simulations that includes the mechanism that SiO species generated from the Si/SiO2 interface enhance B diffusion well reproduce the distance dependence of B diffusivity, although constant diffusivities are assumed. 3 Key knowledge for Si nanodevices obtained by computational science 11 B concentration (cm −3) 1019 B 5 ´1013 cm−2 1018 1200 °C 24 h SiO2 thickness 200 nm 1017 300 nm 650 nm as–implanted 1016 0 50 100 Depth (nm) 150 200 Moreover, the time dependence of B diffusivities has also been reported.

VO HfO2 SiO2 x is the final pinning position measured from the n+poly-Si Fermi level. 2 eV below the n+poly-Si gate Fermi level, which is in fairly good agreement with the experimental results (Hobbs et al. 2003). As discussed above, the “oxygen vacancy model” can quantitatively reproduce the Fermi-level pinning position of p+poly-Si gate/HfO2 interfaces. Next, we comment on the effect of inserting a cap insulator between p+poly-Si and HfO2 gate dielectrics. Recent experiments show that Fermilevel pinning of p+poly-Si gates cannot essentially be improved by inserting SiO2 or SiN cap layers between p+poly-Si gates and high-k Hf-related dielectrics (Cartier et al.

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USS Enterprise in Detail & Scale, CVAN-65 to CNV-65 by Bert Kinzey

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